Green Coffee Bean Extract For Weight Loss

Health and weight loss are major concerns in America.  Weight gain and related health issues are a growing problem.  Natural supplements such as green coffee bean extract become buzz words for better health.  While some supplements are mostly hype, there are scientific studies backing up the claims about the effectiveness of green coffee.  From celebrity doctors to research specialists, everyone is discussing the relevancy of green coffee to lower blood sugar, reduce blood pressure and lose weight.

Respected health professionals such as television’s Dr Oz recommend taking green coffee bean extract for weight loss as well as lowering blood pressure and blood sugar.  Studies revealed subjects loss weight and got rid of body fat in 22 weeks. The results were significant and reflected what had been revealed in previous studies done on animals.

Other studies showed reduced blood pressure when taking this extract. Obesity is often associated with high blood pressure, making green coffee extract a winner on both fronts.  A supplement contains just 20mg of caffeine. A daily cup of coffee has 100mg to 400mg of caffeine and many people consume two or more cups each day. In comparison, the amount of caffeine in this supplement is minimal and has not been shown to be harmful.

In fact, taking this supplement has no reported side effects or issues. People have simply lowered their blood pressure, shed pounds and got rid of body fat. Further, these subjects did not alter their daily diet or behaviors. This supplement taking in accordance with proper diet and exercise has the potential to be a powerhouse. It boosts metabolism while reducing blood pressure, the result people want to achieve.

Unlike many OTC products or prescriptions, this supplement is also affordable. People see real results without a major hit to their pockets. It is difficult to find something that is both effective and budget-conscious. Its low cost makes it worth trying, especially since there are no adverse human reactions noted at this time.

The key ingredient in this supplement is chlorogenic acid. It inhibits the release of glucose in the body and boost metabolism to burn fat in the liver.  Together this inhibits the absorption of fat and eliminates the potential to pack on pounds.  Best of all, it works naturally without causing addiction or other unwanted side effects.  Nobody wants to exchange one set of health issues for another.

The safe results cannot be achieved from a morning cup of coffee.  This extract is derived from unroasted green beans. The coffee people drink is roasted, which removes the chlorogenic acid. Because these green beans are bitter, most people take this supplement in a capsule form. The best supplements contain no fillers or binders.  Dr. Oz suggests 400mg capsules and advises users to take two a half hour before meals. This should be done two to three times per day with a glass of water for optimum results.

More studies are being conducted on this miraculous bean. All the studies done so far reveal its ability to help people get rid of body fat, lose weight and lower blood sugar and blood pressure. For a society facing off with obesity this is certainly good news.  People who are overweight often need a boost to their metabolism. Green coffee does this to accelerate their weight loss efforts.

Gradual lifestyle changes coupled with green coffee extract is a viable formula for success. With a bit of knowledge and willpower, American will become thinner and healthier over time. It took a decade to reach these phenomenal numbers and in just a couple of year, the face of the country could change significantly.  It all depends on individual effort to pursue proper lifestyle changes and regularly take green coffee bean extract as part of their daily routines.  Little things can definitely add up to a lot.